Which Wheelie Bin Store?

We have put together this nice simple comparison table to help you find the best wheelie bin store. Take a look at our buying guide if you have not done so already. Here you can find some basic but useful buying tips.

NameMaterialNo Of BinsThe Info
Keter Store It Out MaxPlasticTwo
Rowlinson Double Bin StoreWoodTwo
triple wheelie bin store with back wallwoodThree
Triple Wheelie Bin Screenwoven willowThree
Rowlinson Wheelie Bin StorewoodOne
Rowlinson Pent Double Bin StorewoodTwo
Bentley Wheelie Bin StoragewoodTwo
Triple 240L Wheelie Bin StoragewoodThree
Rowlinson Plastic Garden Wheelie Bin StorePlasticTwo

*Listed in no particular order of preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a wheelie bin store?

If you have invested time and money in to creating a beautiful garden that you love spending time in. The last thing you want is for this hard work to be spoilt by your wheelie bins. Lets face it they look hideous.

Wheelie bin storage boxes make your garden look more tidy and organised.

They are also a fantastic way of keeping your bins secure. Wheelie bin theft is “RUBBISH” [pardon the pun]. Replacement bins can cost a pretty penny. Locking bins up will make it harder for thieves to pinch them.

What’s the best wheelie bin store?

That’s a hard one to answer. It depends on your taste, budget and circumstances. The advantage of wooden storage boxes is that they are available in various styles and sizes and can also be painted to match the colour of surrounding fences and other garden buildings.

Plastic is great if you don’t want to be worrying about maintenance, but you are limited on size and colour.

Will the colour of plastic wheelie bin stores fade?

Plastic bin stores on our website will not fade thanks to its high quality fade resistant construction. A simple wipe over will have them looking brand new again.

Can you get single bin storage boxes?

Yes, wooden and woven single bin storage boxes are popular.

Are wheelie bin stores compatible with all size bins?

No. Make sure the wheelie bin store you are wanting to buy can accommodate the size of your wheelie bins. If you are unsure, please contact the seller via our advertising partner.