If you are looking to buy a wheelie bin store, please spend a few moments reading over these basic buying tips for some extra food for thought.

Plastic Wheelie Bin Store Vs. wood Wheelie Bin Store

When comparing wood and plastic it’s difficult because storage boxes built from either material has its advantages. The main things to consider are:

  • Your garden surroundings
  • Your budget
  • How many bins you want to hide

Lets go into these in a little more detail;

If you have other items in your garden such as sheds, fencing or decking that has a specific colour scheme then you will probably want your bin store to follow suit. Unfortunately plastic bin stores cannot be painted; but they have been manufactured with natural garden colours in mind, ensuring they will suit the majority of gardens. If however you need something a little more specific in terms of colour then wood is the option for you.

Your budget should always the MAIN thing to consider when buying anything.

Plastic stores tend to cost less than wooden ones.

If you’re on a tight budget i recommend checking out the second hand market. This is something i will discuss a little further down this page.

If the second hand route is still too expensive or you don’t mind getting your hands dirty then it might be cost effective and exciting to build your own store from wood. I’m going to create a specific page on how to make a wheelie bin store including tips and tricks to keep the costs down along with ideas on how upcycle materials that you may have lying around your garden.

How Many Bins?

Most plastic stores accommodate two average size wheelie bins which is a bit of a problem if you want something for one bin or all three, which is an advantage that the willow bin screens and wooden wheelie bin stores have over their plastic counterparts.


Plastic stores are made from high quality polypropylene which means its virtually maintenance free requiring only a wipe down to have it looking brand new again. Plastic stores don’t rust, rot, crack or even fade in the sunlight.

Although wooden stores are built from treated wood they will need re-painting at some point during their life.

The style

There are loads of different style wheelie bin stores available meaning you can find something to suit your taste.

Buying second hand

If you are on a budget, which lets face it many of us are these days, then buying second hand may be your best option.

You can buy second hand wheelie bin stores from most of the big online market places such as gumtree, eBay and preloved.

If you are looking to buy second hand always remember;

  • Check the sellers feedback if your using eBay.
  • View the item where possible.
  • Never bank transfer funds, Pay cash on collection where possible or PayPal.
  • Read the listing carefully! Then read it again.

If you are in no hurry and are willing to wait, you can find some BARGAINS.

DIY storage boxes:

If you’re on a super tight budget and don’t mind getting your hands dirty then you could always think about making your own store. The benefit of this is, you can build it to your exact taste and can tailor it to fit in specific spaces in your garden.

You can even take advantage of companies who want to get rid of their unwanted pallet wood for FREE. Yes you heard me right! There are tons of companies around that encourage people to take their used pallets. Check your local builder merchants, skip hire and industrial companies.

Pallet wood is extremely strong and best of all it’s FREE.

There are loads of images for wheelie bin storage that people have built from pallet wood: click here to see some

Obviously there are some things you will have to buy such as wood for the frame work (unless you can source this for free also), hinges, screws etc. But taking this route will certainly save you a whole lot of money.

Size Matters:

When looking to buy a storage box don’t forget to buy something that’s suitable for your bin size! The last thing you want to do is buy something that’s too small!


Wheelie bin stores are a fantastic way to improve the look of your garden and keep your bins safe from theft and arson. Well worth the investment.