Wheelie Bin Parts – Broken wheelie bin? Buy wheelie bin parts

broken wheelie binWheelie Bin Doctor

Wheelie bins have a rubbish life, Pardon the pun.

Each week they are filled to the brim with our garbage. Wheeled down garden paths, up and down kerbs, loaded on to the wagon, emptied then start the process again. This is without factoring in the wind, which can cause some serious damage.


With this in mind it’s not uncommon for parts of your wheelie bin to begin to fail.

The most common problems are:

  • The wheels are one of the most common failures. They have to encounter bumps up and down kerbs together with the weight of the rubbish that we stuff in to the bin.
  • Wheelie bin lids take a beating. Whether that’s from us opening and closing them or the wind blowing them open and shut.

What should i do about my broken bin?

First thing first

Phone your local council before you even think about buying a replacement part for you bin. Explain the problem and they will arrange for your bin to either be repaired or replaced if it can not be repaired. Unfortunately i can not go in to too many details here as all councils operate differently.

In general bins can be repaired if:

  • The lid pins are broken or missing but the hinge its self is not damaged.
  • Wheels are broken or missing.
  • Axles are broken or missing.

Wheelie bins will be replaced if:

  • The Bin has suffered fire damage.
  • The main body of the bin is physically broken.
  • The hinges/ handles are broken.
  • The ridge or lip of the bin is broken.

If you are not prepared to go down this route then you can buy replacement parts:

Buying Wheelie Bin Parts

Remember you MIGHT be able to get your spare parts FREE from your local council. Give them a ring to find out before parting with your money.

Replacement wheelie bin lid pins can purchased for as little as £5.

Wheelie bin wheels can be bought for around £10 + delivery (pair)

Replacement wheelie bin axles cost around £7 + delivery.

Follow these tips to keep your wheelie bin in good condition.

  • Fit a wheelie bin lid lock or house them in a wheelie bin shelter to reduce the risk of damage caused by heavy wind.
  • Don’t over fill your bins.
  • Place your bins close to drop down kerbs where possible.
  • Take heavy items to the local waste-recycling centre.

Bin Part Identification:

Wheelie Bin Hinges

Wheelie bin lid pins

Wheelie Bin Lids

Wheelie Bin Axle