Wheelie Bin Liners – Protect your bin from waste and odours

Wheelie Bin Liners

wheelie bin linersUsing wheelie bin liners is a fantastic way to keep your bin clean and as “odour free” as possible.

When we throw garbage in the wheelie bin it begins to rot which can result in some pretty horrible smells. And even when the bin is emptied, these smells can remain.

Wheelie bin bags create a barrier between the waste and the wheelie bin ensuring your bin remains as clean as possible.

Keeping the garbage, liquids and odours from direct contact with the bin means you no longer have to waste your time cleaning the bin or pay someone to do it for you.

Common sense: Please always keep bin bags away from children and animals.

Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Liners

Heavy duty bags have a much thicker gauge than standard ones making them thicker and stronger. These are ideal for waste that would normally tear your standard bags. You will generally pay more for less bags, but the quality makes up for the

Wheelie Bin Bag Sizes

Wheelie bin liners can be bought for all size wheelie bins. But obviously there is a larger range for the more common size bins. Liners can be bought from all good retailers and supermarkets. They can also be bought in bulk via online retailers and market places such as Amazon.

What type of bags to use

Any type of bin liner is better than using nothing and the cheapest bags will do the job just fine. As stated above these can be bought from all good retailers at relatively cheap prices.

Biodegradable wheelie bin liners are becoming a popular choice too, but do cost a little bit more.