Wheelie Bin Compactor – Compact your waste and fit more in your bin

Wheelie Bin Compactor

One of my biggest pet hates is the infrequent bin collections we now get. I don’t know what the gap between collections is where you live but here its every 2 weeks. I’m sure this is acceptable for most households but for us, the bins seem to fill up too quick. There are six of us living in the house.

In the past i have compacted the rubbish in the recycling bin by jumping up and down on it. Crazy i know but it works, and if needs must still do this to this day.

We know bin jumping isn’t for everyone, which is why we created this page.

The wheelie bin compactor is a simple yet effective tool that attaches to your bins hinges and allows you to compact your rubbish using the lever.

Compacting your rubbish will not only provide a lot more space in your bin, but will also allow the lid to close. This will help keep unwanted smells and pests at bay as well as preventing the rubbish falling out of your bin.

The bin compactor does not need detaching from the bin. When it’s not in use it remains attached to the hinges and hangs at the back until it’s needed again. If your bins kept in an easy accessible area such as a front garden or a wheelie bin shed, then it’s advisable to remove the compactor.

Tips to get more in your bin.

  • Flat pack all cardboard boxes.
    Boxes take up the space in your wheelie bin and are nothing other than a waste of space. By flat packing all cardboard packaging you will instantly be able to fit more in to your bin.
  • Flatten Cans & Plastic Bottles.
  • Ensure you put the rubbish in the correct wheelie bins.
  • If your bins are filling quickly, check with your local council to see if you qualify for a larger bin. The size of the bin you are allowed depends on the number of people in your household. Where I live you can have a 360 Litre bin if you have 6 or more people in a household (it used to be 5 or more).
  • If possible take excess to the recycling centre.