Wheelie Bin Cleaning – How to clean a wheelie bin

Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Virtually every household has a wheelie bin or two. They sit on the drive or near your property and collect the waste you deposit. Unfortunately, putting out the rubbish is one of the least favourite household tasks! One thing that could help you to hate this dreaded task less is having a good wheelie bin cleaning regime. This vital yet often overlooked job can make a big difference to bin cleanliness and the immediate environment around your home.

Bin nasties

These days, there are wheelie bins for general waste, recycling and garden or ‘green’ waste. Proper bin cleanliness for all bins can make a big difference to problems such as bad smells and pest control. It’s also important to pay attention to bin hygiene because unclean bins can harbour all sorts of nasty bacteria, mould and fungal spores. Over time, these can contaminate nearby areas and if your bin is close to your front door these could begin to encroach upon you home! So, it’s always a good idea to deal with these before they become a larger contamination problem.

Potential solutions

The usual environmentally friendly cleaners that you can buy from the supermarket or DIY store will go a long way to cleaning your bin. You can, for example, use a hose or a power jet washer and an environmentally friendly cleaning agent. However, sometimes this won’t lead to the complete elimination of all ‘nasties’. A superficial clean won’t completely remove germs, spores and bacteria and you may want to opt for a professional clean. In actual fact, sometimes washing your own bin can just make the situation worse. You risk creating a damp environment and bacteria just thrive in this! So, be careful! When you wash your bin yourself, ensure it dries properly before closing the lid!

Eliminating bad smells

You may have noticed the bad smell that lingers around your bin area. What can be disheartening is that even after a thorough clean, a residual smell can still linger. The reason for this is that waste matter finds its way into every nook, cranny, crevice and corner. According to the type of waste you put in your bin, some debris may begin to form chemical bonds with the fabric of the bin itself. This can be extremely hard to get rid of and proper elimination needs careful cleaning and sterilisation for the entire bin, both on the inside and the outside. Wheelie bin cleaning products can be purchased from a range of online stores.

Making your bin look better

If you’re house proud, you will care about the external appearance of your property. Untidy, unkempt and smelly wheelie bins can immediately detract from a property. This will not only affect how others see your home but can also affect your enjoyment of your environment. Storing your bin in a wheelie bin store or hiding them behind a screen can also help enhance the appearance of your garden and help keep them safe. However, if your bins are in a visible location, making sure they’re well cleaned may encourage others in the neighbourhood to do the same and may even put off passers-by from littering the street!

Here are some tips for how to clean a wheelie bin:

– Place your bins in the ideal place for cleaning, which should be near a water supply and ideally by one of your own drains to absorb the waste water. Don’t use public surface drains as this beaches environmental laws.

– Using a hard surface bio-degradable cleaner and a cloth, clean your bin on the outside.

– Prepare a bucket of soapy hot water and pour it into your bin. Again, it’s best to use a hard surface bio-degradable cleaning product in a diluted form. Alternatively, use the leftover dishwater from your washing up bowl.

– Clean the bin with a mop, swirling it and rubbing it around the inside of the bin so that all traces of grease and dirt are eliminated.

– Find a way to get rid of the residue waste contents down your down the toilet. For example, tip the water from your bin into a bucket and then flush it down the loo.

– Swill out your bin out with fresh water.

– If your bin still harbours a smell, use a wheelie bin deodoriser to spray the inside.

Ideally, you should clean your wheelie bin every 3-6 months. Don’t forget that if you can’t clean it yourself, there are many professional bin cleaning services out there.

How Much does it cost?

Wheelie bin cleaning prices can vary depending on bin size and your location but in general it will cost you any thing from a few pounds. When you consider how much it would cost to buy your own cleaning equipment and of course the time it would take, the service prices seem very reasonable.