Rowlinson Double Wheelie Bin Store – Hide your wheelie bins

Rowlinson Double Wheelie Bin Store

wooden rowlinson double wheelie bin store

The Rowlinson double wheelie bin store can accommodate up to two wheelie bins helping keep them safe from theft and your garden tidy.

Large open out front doors allows for easy access to your bins enabling you to remove them with ease. And individual top opening lids make disposing of your rubbish a breeze.

Built with pressure treated timber means it will hold up against great British weather along with everyday wear and tear.

This wheelie bin comes in flat pack form but is easy to put together with the provided instructions.


Wooden storage boxes can fit in to almost any garden making them one of the most popular on the market. They can be painted to match other items in your garden including fencing, sheds and other outbuildings.

Double Wheelie Bin Store Dimensions:
Height: 128 cm  (50.39 Inches)
Width: 156 cm (61.41 Inches)
Depth: 82 cm (32.28 Inches)
Weight: 47 Kg

The Pros:

  • Individual lids make access to either bin quick and easy.
  • Fantastic design and style.
  • Instantly makes any garden area look more tidy and organised.
  • Keeps bins safe from theft.
  • Large doors allows for easy access to remove the bins.
  • Built from high quality FSC®-approved timber.
  • Pressure treated against rot.
  • Instructions supplied.

The Cons

  • A little more expensive than stores built from other materials BUT these make up for that with quality and style.

Rowlinson Single Wheelie Bin Store

wooden single wheelie bin storeThe Rowlinson single wheelie bin store is perfect if you dont have space in your garden for a double or triple bin store.

Like the double bin store it’s constructed from high quality pressure treated timber.

Again this store can be painted to match other outbuildings instantly making your garden look better.

Double Store Dimensions:
Height: 128 cm  (50.39 Inches)
Width: 80 cm (31.49 Inches)
Depth: 82 cm (32.28 Inches)
Weight: 30 Kg


Triple Wheelie Bin Store

triple wooden wheelie binThe vast majority of households have been supplied with three wheelie bins. One for recycling, one for green (garden) waste and finally one for general household waste. The triple wheelie bin store is an ideal solution to hide all THREE wheelie bins. Built from HIGH QUALITY FSC certified pressure treated timber ensures it will stand up to the elements.

This wheelie bin storage shed can accommodate up to three 240 Litre wheelie bins.

Protect your bins against theft.


THREE individual lockable doors allow you to access individual bins with ease. The high quality lockable doors keep your bins secure while the individual lids make it easy for you to dispose of your rubbish. This wheelie bin store has a back panel allowing it to be used as a complete free standing unit.

This wheelie bin store is hand made in the UK and are delivered in flat pack form ready for self-assembly.

Triple wooden Wheelie Bin Store Dimensions:
Height: 120 cm  (47.24Inches)
Width: 216 cm (85.03 Inches)
Depth: 85 cm (33.46 Inches)

*Please note that all sizes are approx.