How To Kill Maggots In A Wheelie Bin – Prevent Maggots From Your Bins

Maggots in Wheelie Bins

When flies have access to wheelie bins they lay their eggs among household or garden waste. Even though your bins are emptied regularly, sticky organic matter may remain stuck to the base and sides of the bin which provides an excellent source of nutrients for maggots to thrive.

Maggots can remain even after your bin has been emptied so if your bin is not cleaned the process will continue. Maggots in your bins are much more noticeable in the summer months.

How to Avoid Maggots in Wheelie Bin

As the old addage states ‘prevention is better than cure‘. There are some preventative measures that can reduce the risk of maggots developing in your bin, whether it collects household or garden waste.

  • Always properly seal any bin bags that contain food before placing into wheelie bin. Make sure they are tightly sealed, if there are any gaps near to where you tie or holes in the bag, double wrap it.
  • Clean wheelie bins regularly with boiling water and bleach. There are also cheap wheelie bin cleaning services that operate in most areas.
  • Some ordinary dish soaps contain (Borax) which is an active insect repellant.
  • Keep compost bins and household waste bin lids closed to keep flies and other pests out. If a bin is broken, ring your local authority to arrange to have it repaired or replaced.
  • If possible use wheelie bin liners to ensure waste does have direct contact with your wheelie bin.
  • Wash food cartons, tins, meat trays and anything else that has been in direct contact with food.
  • In the summer, try not to keep your bin in direct sunlight. The heat will build up causing the bin to smell and attract flies.
  • Never leave food including pet food uncovered. Flies will lay their eggs on any uncovered food before you have chance to dispose of it. Also ensure that you dispose of it correctly; wrapping it in newspapers or kitchen towel before placing it into the bin.

Doing the above will go some way to prevent maggots from your bins inside and outside of your home.

How to Kill Maggots In A Wheelie Bin

If you have maggots in your bin the vast majority of them will be removed when your bin is emptied but some may remain. After your bin has been emptied, open the lid and check to see if there are any remaining in the bottom or on the sides. If there is you can Pour boiling water over them. This is enough to kill maggots, flies and eggs.

Like i stated above, prevention is always the best course of action.