Keter Store It Out Max Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage Box

keter store it out max

The Keter Store It Out Max is a BEST SELLER on Amazon where it has achieved an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars along with over 1,500 customer reviews.

Not only does this wheelie bin store look awesome but it can also be used as a garden storage box. The 1,200 litre capacity will allow you to hide up to two standard size wheelie bins (240 Litre).

Wheelie Useful Product;

This wheelie bin store can also be used as a small garden storage box, allowing you to store garden tools such as lawnmowers and strimmers.

Keter Store It Out Max Need To Knows


About the Keter Store It Out Max Wheelie Bin box

The top opening lid has an awesome piston operated mechanism which makes lifting easy. Once open the piston stops the lid from falling back down while you are loading your bins.

The two large front doors give you easy access to either bin or equipment if you are using it as a shed.

Unlike other storage boxes the Keter Store It Out Max has a heavy duty floor allowing you to place it on any level surface. Whether its grass, mud or concrete you can rest assured your equipment will remain clean and dry.

Keeping your bins secure;

The Keter Store It Out Max not only tidies up your garden but may also help prevent theft! If you have ever had a wheelie bin stolen you will know the inconvenience of having to organise a replacement bin not to mention the cost. There is a main lockable door along with a secondary bolt helping keep your bins secure.

Maintenance FREE.

Manufactured from high quality, durable resin means the store is not only super strong but virtually maintenance free. The occasional wipe down will have it looking like new all over again. Compare this to the maintenance that wooden wheelie bin sheds need. Plastic is the choice for anyone with a busy schedule.

High Quality – FADE FREE

If you have previously owned any plastic garden furniture you will likely have noticed the colour begins to fade.

The Keter store it out max is constructed from high quality fade resistant materials ensuring the colour is not stripped by the sunshine.

Product Dimensions (External)
Height: 125 cm  (49.21 Inches)
Width: 145.5 cm (57.28 Inches)
Depth: 82 cm (32.28 Inches)
Product Dimensions (Internal)
Height: 110 cm  (43.30 Inches)
Width: 132 cm (51.96 Inches)
Depth: 76 cm (29.92 Inches)

The Pros:

  • Large front opening doors allows you to gain access to your bins quickly and easily.
  • Top opening lid allows you to dispose of your garbage quickly and easily.
  • Heavy duty floor.
  • Can be used as a shed to store your garden tools or furniture.
  • 1,200 Litre capacticy.
  • Built from high quality durable resin that is fade free.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Can hold two 240 litre wheelie bins.
  • Can help secure your bins.

The Cons

  • I wish this store could accommodate three wheelie bins.