Are Councils making recycling too difficult?

Almost all households are encouraged to recycle and have been provided with the appropriate wheelie bins to do so. So everything should be simple right? WRONG.

When you look at the nitty gritty about what you CAN and CANT put in your bins it almost becomes a part time job. Im not sure about you but all i want to do is put the rubbish in the bin and be done with it!

Let me explain my little rant.

A few weeks ago i put our “grey” wheelie bin out, (Not all areas use the same colour bins so let me clarify that the grey bin is the cardboard/tin bin).

As you can imagine, the bin was full of cardboard boxes from the previous 2 weeks (don’t get me started on the whole 2 week gaps between bin collections).

I returned home from the school run to find a red tag on my bin! What’s this all about i wondered.

Any ways, cutting a long story short they didn’t empty my bin because it had Pizza Boxes in. The last time i checked these are cardboard! So I phoned the council to clarify what the problem was and was informed that the following items are “NOT ALLOWED”

  1. Pizza Boxes, the grease from the pizza contaminates it or something! WTF
  2. Black plastics.
  3. Bottle tops.
  4. Envelopes with windows in.
  5. Egg cartons.
  6. Glass bottles, jars etc are OK. Hang on a second we have a separate “BLUE” box for those? No as of a specific date you now add bottles and jars to your recycling bin.

I don’t mind recycling! In fact i think its great but come on, cut the average family some slack. We all have busy lives and don’t want to be worrying about what to put in what bin.