Council charge homeowner £25 for replacement wheelie bin

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A homeowner whose bin was stolen from outside her house has been told by her local council to cough up £25 for a replacement bin.

The full story can be read at:

Keep Your Bin’s Safe

To reduce the risk of bin theft follow these simple tips below.

  • Never leave your bin where it could be stolen easily. Places such as front gardens back streets etc should be avoided as permanent storage locations. If possible keep your bins locked away in a wheelie bin store.
  • Make your bin UNIQUE to you.  Add your street name and house number to your bin. Not only will this make it easy to identify your bin but it will also put a potential thief off.  You can buy wheelie bin stickers from most shops but If your on a budget you can paint these on too.
  • Leave putting your bin out until the latest possible time. I normally put bins out at around 7am of the morning they are to be collected. Some people in the street put them out the night before which is just asking for trouble.
  • Once your bins have been emptied, remove them from show and put them in a safe place as soon as you can.