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The Problem

There is nothing worse than investing your time and money into making your garden look beautiful only for your wheelie bins to let it down. Because lets face it, they don’t look very nice, do they?

Not only do wheelie bins look awful but they can become smelly and attract unwanted pests during the summer months.

Again not something you want if you enjoy spending time in your garden or back yard.


Following on from what I said above about unwanted pests. There are also the other type of pests which we have to think about too, Thieves. Wheelie bin theft is more common than you may think and local authorities can charge hefty prices for replacement bins, which can put a strain on anyone’s wallet.

The Solution

Thankfully there are many ways in which you can hide your wheelie bins, either by hiding them completely or covering them with some of the many styles of wheelie bin art that are available.

Lockable bin enclosures also help keep your bins safe from thieves.

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