Wheelie bin storage boxes are a fantastic investment for any homeowner that will not only help improve the appearance of the garden but will also help keep your bins safe and secure.

wheelie bin storageUnfortunately the wheelie bins that our local councils provides us with are not very visually appealing, wouldn’t you agree?

Thankfully there are some simple solutions that will hide those unsightly wheelie bins without breaking the bank or causing a fuss.

Bin storage sheds allow you to hide one, two or even three wheelie bins which can instantly make your garden look neat and tidy while ensuring your bins are safe.

Keeping Wheelie Bins safe? Is this SERIOUS or RUBBISH <pardon the pun>.

Yeah i’m been deadly serious…If you have ever had your wheelie bin stolen you will know first hand just how much of an inconvenience it is together with how costly it can be to replace the bin.



Wheelie Bin Storage; The Nitty Gritty.

Wheelie bin storage boxes can be bought for around £100+ depending on where you buy from, which is a bargain if you consider how much your local authority will charge for a replacement bin(s) and how much of an improvement they can make to your garden. Make sure you take a look at our comparison page where you can find some of the most popular wheelie bin sheds at the best prices.

Wheelie bin storage boxes are available in both wood and plastic, which means there is something for everyone’s budgets and preference.  Plastic wheelie bin sheds are one of the most popular choices amongst buyers because they are virtually maintenance free and long lasting. They don’t rust, rot, crack or fade!

Although wooden bin stores do require a little maintenance every now and then they have their benefits. Unlike plastic; wood can be painted to fit in with your garden surrounds such as fence or shed colours etc. There is also a larger range in terms of style and sizes. Whether your looking to just hide one or all three bins, there are stores to suit your needs!

Bin storage boxes can also be used like small sheds allowing you to store your garden tools and other items you wish to keep dry, making them a fantastic choice for those who are short of space but still need some storage solution.

Make sure you check out our buying guides that will go over a few of the basics of helping you find the right product.

Single, Double and Triple Wheelie Bin Stores

The vast majority of households have three wheelie bins consisting of your general waste, recycling bin and garden waste. If you are looking for one unit to house all three bins you are limited for choice and there are very few if any plastic storage boxes that can accommodate all three bins, leaving you with no option but to choose a wheelie bin screen or wooden storage unit.

Triple bin store with back.

Only: £199.99
Triple wheelie bin store for 240l bins

Only: £344.91
Wooden Triple Bin Store

Only: £279.00
Triple Wheelie Bin Screen

Only: £77.99
3 Wheelie Bin Store

Only: £159.99
Rustic bin shed.

Only: £335.00

If the size of your garden doesn’t allow for a triple or double storage box then it might be possible to get away with using multiple single storage boxes  as an alternative. I like to keep the main bins (Household waste and recycling) close to the house as they are used more frequently and have the garden waste at the bottom of the garden.